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Big Red Machine

The story

In 1988 Hells Angels MC stopped selling any type of support material under the name Hells Angels. Our motives were mainly that we are subject to the exploitation of our name in addition to false representations. The general public does not know the difference between different motorcycle clubs, independent motorcyclists or people who simply enjoy motorcycles. Due to a lack of knowledge, we constantly need to defend ourselves against accusations that normally arose from the actions of some people who used our name without belonging to the club. For the general public, it is enough to just see the words "Hells Angels", regardless of who is using it, to think that they are true Hells Angels. Another reason to stop producing support material with the words "Hells Angels" was that many members of the club felt that only members should use the words HELLS ANGELS. Removing stickers and support shirts left a void, especially among club friends and members who wanted to proclaim their friendship with us and support us using our name. One night with the presence of several members at the club's world event, a phrase emerged "Big Red Machine" that refers to our colors red and white, from there the name appeared for the first time. In this case, the logo chosen was a defense fund poster, made for us by Dave Mann, himself from the famous magazine Easyriders. It is a painting of a bearded brother, who frees himself with his motorcycle through the walls and bars of a prison. Now the logo is recognized in most parts of the world as a way to show their respect and support for Hells Angels.

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